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What Is Your Passion ?

Has the Lord placed a calling or talent in your life that you feel you need to be using in the Church? There is always a place for you here at Christ Worship Center.

  1. Maybe you like to cook :   We have a dinner every month, we have a men’s breakfast every month.
  2. Maybe you are a teacher : We are always looking for Gods people that want to teach our children.
  3. Maybe you are a singer  :  We have a praise team here that you could be part of.
  4. Maybe you are a leader  :  We always need people that want to take charge and be a director over a ministry  


CWC Men’s Breakfast on October 6th we will be going to skeet shooting in Crossplains Tn. 

We will meet at the Church at 8am, we will have sausage egg and cheese biscuits then we will head to Crossplains. 


Our next movie night will be on October 17th more info to come.