Teamwork, Prayer and Food!

(What A Combination!)

About our Men’s Ministry

When we meet?  

The men of CWC meet the first Saturday of every month for a Prayer Breakfast. Sometimes these times are used to go out and help someone or to just have some fun on outside activities. 

It’s been noted that men communicate best when they’re doing something together as a team. That’s what you’ll find with the Men’s Fellowship at Christ Worship Center.  

The primary goals of this group are to: 

* Help men grow together spiritually

* Develop camaraderie through the mutual enjoyment of recreational activities

* Undertake community outreach

The group meets on the first Saturday of each month at church with breakfast to enjoy. Speakers at these breakfasts often include local Christian leaders who offer insights and discussion, based on Biblical readings. 

Recreational pursuits have included white water rafting, skeet shooting, and other excursions.

The Men’s Fellowship has also undertaken some home repair projects for neighbors needing assistance.

When the men in a church get to know each other, it strengthens their relationships. That’s what being a team is all about.”

” So come out on the first Saturday of each month and join our men in fellowship with good food, a good word from the Lord, or help us to be the hands and feet of Jesus in helping someone that really needs to see the love of Christ.”