About Our Church

Jesus walking on the water


Faith In The Power 

Of Jesus Christ

If you are an active member of our church, or if you are new to Christ Worship Center, we welcome you here today through the love of God.

As our relationship with the Lord continues to grow, we can rec0gnize the many joys He brings to us each and every day.

Our faith in the power of Jesus Christ is what this church is all about.  We are pleased to have the opportunity to stand with Him in His house.

* We thank the Lord  for His grace 

* We open our hearts to Him

* We humble ourselves before Him

* We are blessed that His Holy Spirit helps us in our times of weakness

* We witness His loving relationship with His Father

* We worship Him

* We trust Him, fully

* We accept  His guidance

* We stand in awe as He reveals Himself to us 

* We honor Him

* We love Him, unconditionally

Thank you, Lord, for inviting us into Your presence.  We can feel Your precious touch.  It is a pleasure to be with You.